Chef i äldreomsorgen 2018 - Conference and fair

10 Apr 2018


Meet our Swedish Team at the Chef i äldreomsorgen 2018 - Conference and fair for the Heads of Elderly Care - on 17th and 18th May 2018 in Stockholm. 


Large recruitment needs, technological development and more and more elderly people make the elderly care leaders need to think in new ways. The question is how, as a manager, you can take care of being a more attractive employer? What benefits can you get from digital development to attract new and retain existing employees? When you cannot compete with the salary, what do you offer?

The keywords for a successful boss are also trust, feedback, inner motivation and compassion. But in practice - how can you prevent yourself from burning out?

For two days, we will provide guidance and concrete advice to you in the field of elderly care in some key areas. You will be able to listen to experienced managers in both care and business and experienced leadership developers.

Welcome to a conference that strengthens you as a manager and helps you develop your business! Sign up today.


More information (in Swedish) here