Retires Crown Advantage and Crown Choice to deliver more Sustainable Solutions

28 Nov 2023

BonCulina introduces more environmentally friendly packaging solutions at it’s Colchester production unit across its plated and multi-portion ranges and retires old product names following a boost in sustainability performance and upgraded product quality.  

BonCulina has worked hard to raise the bar in several areas, including culinary standards, since the acquisition of Anglia Crown. Now the Colchester production unit is making a shift following successful trials to boost sustainability with the introduction of a more environmentally friendly packaging solutions across its plated and multi-portion foodservice ranges for healthcare, care homes, business & industry and defence sectors.

BonCulina’s frozen plated meals packaging is lighter than other plated solutions and pallet-optimised to reduce its land travel footprint. As part of the environmental shift, BonCulina has now implemented the new recyclable non-carbon black Torus Pak, easily detected during the waste sorting process and recycled for other industries, unlike most black plastic food packaging.

A similar upgrade for its multi-portion food range and single hot desserts sees traditional CPET replaced with Evolve packaging, which uses up to 75% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) recycled content and is easily recyclable.

As a clear message to the market, BonCulina has decided to retire the Crown Advantage and Crown Choice product names respectively for the more sustainable BonCulina Plated and BonCulina Multi-Portion. The change follows improvements in both the culinary standards and environmental performance of products compared with previous solutions under the old Anglia Crown brand.

David Garland, managing director of BonCulina UK, expands on the company’s sustainability commitment:

“These packaging solutions are another demonstration of our commitment to continuous improvement, and the introduction of recyclable and recycled solutions represents a major shift to a higher sustainability standard.

“The healthcare market is dominated by multi-portion solutions, but we believe that the future is in plated solutions, such as BonCulina Plated, because it dramatically reduces food waste. Although we will continue to offer both ranges, we encourage our customers when possible to choose a plated solution, both for the patients and the environment.

“We’re inviting other major players in the healthcare foodservice market to follow our example and work towards a more sustainable model, putting the focus on reduced food waste and a lower carbon footprint.”