Foodservice for Defence

Foodservice for Defence

Supporting Health & Morale

Members of the armed forces often work in stressful situations away from the comfort of home environments.

Providing healthy & nutritious food is an essential element of daily life, supporting wellbeing & maintaining morale across a broad range of operating roles, often in challenging situations.

BonCulina provides a fresh approach to the defence foodservice market.


BonCulina is an expert provider of different solutions to suit client requirements.

Smart Catering
• Full range of contract catering solutions
• Cost effective alternative to traditional catering operations
• Pricing models for cost plus, fixed cost and profit & loss options

Plug & Play
• Complements and supports existing catering operations
• Wide range of individual meals available
• Unique, patented technologies and systems
• Allows non-foodservice teams to heat, plate and professionally present meals

Menu Planning
• Powerful online tool for use in planning menu choices
• Enables weekly and monthly meal planning
• Incorporates nutritional and dietary requirements

Reduced Food Waste
• Patented TorusPak technology reduces food waste by up to 90% for each meal
• Delivers monetary savings for clients


Clients & consumers can be confident of a reliable foodservice solution based on BonCulina’s core values:
We are committed to being a more responsible food service provider, striving towards our zero food waste vision and investing part of our profits into the ‘A Meal for a Meal’ CSR programme.
Through the reduction in the number of operating elements, particularly labour, and based on our innovative patented packaging and delivery systems, we not only reduce operational cost but also capital. We aspire to be different in foodservice by delivering cost efficiency and simplicity.
Our vast central recipe database is made up of quality assured and nutritionally approved meals from carefully chosen international manufacturers. This, in combination with optional operating methods offers flexibility and consistency beyond most clients’ needs and requirements.

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