Your organisation can contribute to a reduced environmental impact by using BonCulina Smart Catering or Plug & Play meals.

We are dedicated to making a difference. Our responsibility is to provide quality food with full traceability for our customers and consumers. As a responsible business we at BonCulina take our commitment even further. We do this by minimising the environmental impact of our activities thanks to our unique delivery system.
According to several respected universities and research organisations, the environmental impact of meal preparation is neutral when comparing a frozen meal to one prepared with a traditional cook serve method. Industry experience indicates that switching from traditional cook serve or similar systems to frozen ready meals reduces raw material use by almost 30%; meal food content per person is also less wasteful, reduced by 30% in comparison to traditional cooking based on more accurate portion control.

At BonCulina we can proudly say we reduce food waste and environmental impact!

In addition to contributing towards our Zero Food Waste Vision, these savings are also monetary; resulting in reduced costs for our customers and financing our “A Meal for A Meal” Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Join us for a more human and responsible future!

Read the BonCulina UK Carbon Reduction Plan here.